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romantic ideas

Check out these simple romantic ideas, tips and advice to help your relationship survive and thrive in the long term.

“Should the sun refuse to shine, should romance run out of rhyme; you alone will hold my heart — now until the very end of time.”
– Verses of Love

The biggest myth in romance is that you must pull off something big and extravagant so that your efforts will matter.  The truth is that what will impress your loved one the most will often be the little things.

Little things are rather simple things that you do for your loved one. Despite the fact that they are “little” they can mean so much.  Your loved one will be touched that you took the time to show him or her that you care so much.

You will be considered thoughtful.  All of this plays very well when wishing to be romantic. Consider your loved one’s heart to be a basket. The basket wants to be filled.  When you shower your loved one’s basket with many, little gifts, the basket will be filled and your loved one will be content and feel loved.  It is as simple as that!

Considering the importance of every day little things, think about some new romantic ideas.
here are a few to get you started: –

  • Pay your loved one a compliment, such as how awesome they look.
  • Give your loved one a strong hug just because.
  • Pick a bouquet of wild flowers and present them with a kiss.
  • Massage their back and/or feet at the end of a work week.
  • Leave an “I love you” note on their pillow.
  • Call spontaneously at their work to say “I am thinking about you.”
  • Place your arm around your loved one in public.

Remember, when you take the time to be thoughtful and attentive today, this can have a real positive effect on your long term relationship. We hope you find this advice and romantic ideas useful as always..